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  1. “The depth and conceptual clarity imparted by Agrawal Sir instills confidence to succeed”.   Akash Jain
  2. ‘Rankers classes helped me crack this exam in short period of time, even I did not think of…’  Prashant Raj Shukla
  3. Our student Ankit opines that ‘Emojies and diagrams used to explain many concepts is interesting part of classes….dedicated support of Agrawal sir and query solving is good side…’
  4. Anonymous opines that..knowledge about mains answer writing is most interesting part of the teachers. Every part of the syllabus is covered well and timely…..there is a good use of examples….I advise sir to change certain examples and use a new one..,
  5. “Study material is helpful and language is easy to understand…class ambiance is good. Regular SMS alerts, respectful staff, good ideas for the exam and supportive teachers are most positive aspects..” Himani (11 am batch)
  6. “Most positive aspect of rankers classes is ‘punctuality and no-nonsense lectures, very good command of the teacher on Paper II. ( Arpit Kadyan)
  7. Anonymous opines….every member of the faculty is dedicated. Teachers are excellent….regular tests and disciplined coverage are positive side of Rankers…’
  8. Mansi Meel opines that. …OB, HRM, OT  and IR were taught with very precision and patience. Queries were resolved instantly. Tax was taught little fast…given limitation. Most positive part: current affairs were provided with every subject and handouts are beneficial while revising.. test after chapter completion and subject completion..’….very very good understanding of paper II. The notes are well combined and concise. I feel I can do well and my confidence for paper 2 increased..’
  9. Anonymous opines …flexibility seeing one’s situation, great use of examples, great motivation in class, lively and interactive classes, personal motivation and friendly behaviour of teachers and staff…regular test and personal time for queries are really appreciable. Tests with personal comments on answers helped better understanding of the topic..’
  10. “ book compilation from various sources is very appreciable…tests conducted after chapter are helpful…A direct solution on text msg is a great service..FA(financial Accounting) sir have a great zeal of teaching, being a CA also I attended all of his classes..Sahaj Kothari
  11. Anonymous opines that… ‘ notes have previous year questions also which help us in a better understanding of the exam requirements.., taxation is explained well….solutions of every question are provided timely…’
  12. “Analytical Question discussion apart from routine theory is positive side.. this helps in broadening thinking pattern… timely completion of syllabus and regular test after each topic is most positive aspect….sometimes sir gives thought-provoking insights about life in general(surprising point)…’   Rishabh Hada
  13. “Classes are held on a daily basis in a disciplined manner. The way of teaching is good as sir elaborates the topics properly….I was unable to attend many lectures..sir allowed me to attend lectures till march in another batch..’   Anonymous
  14. “Interesting Part: Study Materials provided is very useful, precise, best ever I found on Commerce and Accountancy. Surprising Part: close interaction with teachers, any updation on the schedules of the Classes through SMS. Good Side: Down to earth attitude of all Sir’s specially, R. S. Agarwal Sir. Area of improvement: Please try to provide Answers to all the questions which are asked previously in UPSC, additional, questions which are asked previously in UPSC, additional questions in the all the booklets provided by Ranker’s Classes. It would be helpful if you provide for our batch as well. Satisfaction level: Nine out of Ten – Specially to R. S. Agarwal Sir & Taxation Sir. The personal efforts put by Agarwal Sir in preparing study materials.”                 Mayor Jamadar
  16. “Interesting Part: Style of teaching is good. Teacher as per needs & ability of the students. Surprising Part: Cracks Jakes in between topics. It entertains as well as makes the topic easy to remember. Good Part: Highly cooperative. I asked you to shift the classes from Wednesday & Monday & you did it very comfortably. Area of improvement: Dictation. It can be incorporated in printed notes. Overall Satisfaction: 8 out of 10                                                    Anonymous
  17. “Interesting Part: Accounts Teacher is too much committed to more students understand. Good Side: Sir your teaching styles of making us learn through diagrams is very effective. It helps to understand & retain things longer & better. Area of improvement: Too much of spoon feeding by dictating answers, even of similar nature may not be necessary. Overall Satisfaction: 8 out of 10.”                                                     Gagan Goyal
  18. “Interesting Part: Sir it is your smile and pleasant expression that makes it interesting for me to regularly attend the classes. (From the bottom of my heart). Surprising Part: The way the classes went about. Good teacher-student ratio, your interaction with us; the journey was simply superb. It was not at all formal. I thoroughly enjoyed both academic and non-academic part. Good Side: Your notes dictation with simple words and sentences, which really makes the subject easy. Flow Charts, diagrams etc. Your approach to the subject. Area of improvement: Better exam schedule – like the weekend exam with a proper & specific syllabus rather than the daily syllabus. Overall Satisfaction: 8/10 Coz there is always scope for improvement.”   K. Naga Malleswara Reddy

Note- To get the real feel of testimonials, feel free to ask for hard copy/feedback file maintained by use in the office.